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Hosta Plants all you need to know about hostas.

Hosta plants UK with information on Hostas and how to grow them, where did they come from and where to buy Hostas and many more questions answered.

Hostas or (funkia) as they used to be called are the number one selling perennial in USA and rapidly are gaining popularity in the UK and European marketplace.  Each year there are more and more new varieties released to the open market so how do I choose which hostas to grow?  Hostas are a very personal choice everybody has different colour ideas in mind for their gardens whether it be blue leaves or all gold leaves or perhaps the variegated leaves are what you like.  Then you have the choice of size of hosta what room do you have to grow your hosta.  Hostas can grow from 10cm wide up to 2 metre wide clumps.  Most nurseries have the plants listed as Mini, Small, Medium and Large so what does this mean.

Mini Hostas that are smaller than 15cm in height at maturity.

Small Hostas between 15 - 25cm in height

Medium Hostas 25 - 38cm in height

Large Hostas more than 38cm in height

The above sizes are only approximate sizes but are a good guide when planning your space.

I hope this site helps to explain more about hostas and how to look after them check out our main website Bali-Hai Mail Order Nursery the names of Hostas below will link direct to my main online website where you can purchase the hosta plants and see photographs of most of the hostas.

Hosta List

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Hosta A Many-splendored Thing

Hosta Abba Dabba Do

Hosta Abby

Hosta Abiqua Delight

Hosta Abiqua Drinking Gourd

Hosta Abiqua Ground Cover

Hosta Abiqua Moonbeam

Hosta Abiqua Trumpet

Hosta Alex Summers

Hosta alismifolia

Hosta Allegan Emperor

Hosta Allegan Fog

Hosta Alligator Shoes

Hosta Alpine Dream
Hosta Alternative

Hosta Amanuma

Hosta American Dream

Hosta American Halo

Hosta American Icon  PPAF

Hosta American Sweetheart

Hosta Amy Elizabeth

Hosta Ann Kulpa

Hosta Anne

Hosta Antioch

Hosta Aphrodite

Hosta Apple Green

Hosta Aqua Velva
Hosta Arc de Triomphe

Hosta Aristocrat

Hosta Atlantis

Hosta August Moon

Hosta Austin Dickinson

Hosta Avalanche
Hosta Avocado


Hosta Baby Blue Eyes

Hosta Baby Bunting
Hosta Ballerina

Hosta Banana Boat

Hosta Band of Gold

Hosta Barbara Ann

Hosta Barbara White

Hosta Beckoning

Hosta Bedford Blue

Hosta Bell Bottom Blues

Hosta Betty

Hosta Biddy Blue

Hosta Big Daddy

Hosta Big Mama

Hosta Biggie

Hosta Bill Dress's Blue

Hosta Birchwood Blue Beauty
Hosta Birchwood Gem
Hosta Birchwood Parky's Gold

Hosta Bitsy Gold

Hosta Bizarre
Hosta Black Beauty

Hosta Black Hills

Hosta Blaue Venus
Hosta Blauspecht

Hosta Blazing Saddles

Hosta Blonde Elf

Hosta Blue Angel

Hosta Blue Arrow

Hosta Blue Beard

Hosta Blue Cadet

Hosta Blue Canoe

Hosta Blue Chip

Hosta Blue Clown

Hosta Blue Danube

Hosta Blue Diamond

Hosta Blue Dimples

Hosta Blue Eyes

Hosta Blue Flame

Hosta Blue Hawaii

Hosta Blue Ice

Hosta Blue Jay

Hosta Blue Mammoth
Hosta Blue Maui

Hosta Blue Moon

Hosta Blue Mountains

Hosta Blue Mouse Ears

Hosta Blue Seer

Hosta Blue Shadows

Hosta Blue Skies

Hosta Blue Umbrellas

Hosta Blue Wedgwood

Hosta Blue-Haired Lady

Hosta Blueberry Tart

Hosta Bob Olson

Hosta Bodacious Blue
Hosta Brash and Sassy
Hosta Brass Ring (OS)

Hosta Bread Crumbs

Hosta Bressingham Blue

Hosta Bridal Veil

Hosta Bright Lights

Hosta Brim Cup

Hosta Brooke

Hosta Brother Ronald

Hosta Bunchoko

Hosta Burkes Dwarf


Hosta Calypso

Hosta Camelot

Hosta Cameo

Hosta Captain Kirk

Hosta Carnival

Hosta Carol

Hosta Carolina Blue

Hosta Cascades

Hosta Cat's Eye

Hosta Celestial

Hosta Centre of Attention

Hosta Chartreuse Wiggles

Hosta Cheatin Heart

Hosta Chelsea Babe

Hosta Cherish

Hosta Cherry Berry

Hosta Chinese Sunrise

Hosta Christmas Candy

Hosta Christmas Pageant

Hosta Christmas Tree

Hosta Cinderella

Hosta Cinnamon Sticks

Hosta clausa Normalis

Hosta Clifford's Forest Fire

Hosta Climax

Hosta Cloudburst

Hosta Cody

Hosta Colour Glory

Hosta Cookie Crumbs

Hosta Corkscrew

Hosta Cotillion

Hosta County Park

Hosta Cracker Crumbs

Hosta Crepe Soul

Hosta Crested Surf

Hosta Crusader

Hosta Curlew

Hosta Cutting Edge


Hosta Dab a Green

Hosta Dance With Me

Hosta Dawn

Hosta Deane's Dream

Hosta Deep Blue Sea

Hosta Deja Blu

Hosta Delta Dawn

Hosta Devon Green

Hosta Dew Drop

Hosta Diamond Tiara

Hosta Diana Remembered

Hosta Dick Ward

Hosta Dixie Chick

Hosta Dinner Jacket

Hosta Domaine de Courson

Hosta Dorset Blue

Hosta Dorset Flair

Hosta Dream Queen

Hosta Dream Weaver

Hosta Dress Blues

Hosta Dupage Delight

Hosta Dust Devil

Hosta Dylan's Dillie


Hosta Earth Angel

Hosta El Nino

Hosta Eleanor Lachman

Hosta Eleanor Roosevelt

Hosta Elizabeth Campbell

Hosta Elvis Lives

Hosta Emerald & Rubies

Hosta Emily Dickinson

Hosta Empress Wu

Hosta Enterprise

Hosta Eric Smith

Hosta Eskimo Pie

Hosta Eternal Flame

Hosta Eye Candy


Hosta Fair Maiden

Hosta Faithful Heart

Hosta Fallen Angel

Hosta Falling Waters

Hosta Fantabulous

Hosta Fantasy Island

Hosta Fatal Attraction

Hosta Feather Boa

Hosta Fire & Ice

Hosta Fire Island

Hosta Fireworks

Hosta First Frost

Hosta Five 0'Clock Shadow

Hosta Five O'Clock Somewhere

Hosta Flame Stitch

Hosta Flemish Sky

Hosta Floradora

Hosta Fool's Gold

Hosta Forest Shadow

Hosta Formal Attire

Hosta Forncett Frances

Hosta Fortunei Aureomarginata

Hosta Fountain of Youth

Hosta Fragrant Blue

Hosta Fragrant Bouquet

Hosta Fragrant Dream

Hosta Fragrant Fire

Hosta Fragrant King

Hosta Fragrant Star

Hosta Fragrant Surprise

Hosta Francee

Hosta Frances Williams

Hosta Frosted Dimples

Hosta Fujibotan


Hosta Gaijin

Hosta Garden Party

Hosta Gay Feather

Hosta Gay Search

Hosta Geisha

Hosta Geisha Satin Ripples


Hosta George Smith

Hosta Ghost Spirit

Hosta Gilt by Association

Hosta Ginko Craig

Hosta Ginrei

Hosta- Gold Drop

Hosta Gold Haze

Hosta Gold Standard

Hosta Goldbrook

Hosta Goldbrook Galleon

Hosta Goldbrook Gaynor

Hosta Goldbrook Genie

Hosta Goldbrook Girl

Hosta Goldbrook Glamour

Hosta Goldbrook Gold

Hosta Goldbrook Gratis

Hosta Goldbrook Grayling

Hosta Goldbrook Grebe

Hosta Golden Isle

Hosta Golden Meadows

Hosta Golden Medallion

Hosta Golden Prayers

Hosta Golden Sunburst

Hosta Goober

Hosta Gosan Leather Strap

Hosta gracillima

Hosta Grand Finale

Hosta Grand Marquee

Hosta Grand Master

Hosta Grand Prize

Hosta Grand Tiara

Hosta Grand Total

Hosta Grandiflora

Hosta Grant Park

Hosta Gray Cole

Hosta Great Arrival

Hosta Great Expectations

Hosta Great Lakes Gold

Hosta Green With Envy

Hosta Grey Ghost

Hosta Grey Piecrust

Hosta Ground Master

Hosta Guacamole

Hosta Guardian Angel


Hosta Hadspen Blue

Hosta Hadspen Nmyphae

Hosta Hadspen Rainbow

Hosta Halcyon

Hosta Hampshire County

Hosta Harriette Ward

Hosta Harry Van De Laar

Hosta Hart's Tongue

Hosta Heavenly Beginnings

Hosta Hi Ho Silver

Hosta Hidden Cove

Hosta High Society

Hosta Hirao Elite

Hosta His Honor

Hosta Hope

Hosta Hotspur

Hosta hyacinthina

Hosta Hydon Sunset


Hosta Iced Lemon

Hosta Illicit Affair

Hosta Inca Gold

Hosta Independence

Hosta Inniswood

Hosta Invincible

Hosta Island Charm


Hosta Jack Of Diamonds

Hosta Jewel of the Nile

Hosta Jimmy Crack Corn

Hosta Joseph

Hosta Journeyman

Hosta Joyce Trott

Hosta Judy Rocco

Hosta Julia

Hosta Julie Morss

Hosta June

Hosta June Fever

Hosta Just So


Hosta Kabuki

Hosta Katherine Lewis

Hosta Key Lime Pie

Hosta Ki Nakafu Otome

Hosta Kifukurin Ubatake

Hosta kikutii yakusimensis

Hosta Kinbotan

Hosta King James

Hosta Kiwi Black Magic

Hosta Kiwi Blue Baby

Hosta Kiwi Blue Ruffles

Hosta Kiwi Blue Sky

Hosta Kiwi Canoe

Hosta Kiwi Forest

Hosta Kiwi Full Monty

Hosta Kiwi Gold Rush

Hosta Kiwi Hippo

Hosta Kiwi Jordan

Hosta Kiwi Minnie Gold

Hosta Kiwi Parasol

Hosta Kiwi Spearmint

Hosta Kiwi Splash

Hosta Kiwi Sunlover

Hosta Kiwi Sunshine

Hosta Kiwi Treasure Trove

Hosta Knights Journey

Hosta Knockout

Hosta Korean Snow

Hosta Krossa Regal

Hosta Krugerrand


Hosta Lacy Belle

Hosta Lady Godiva

Hosta Lady Guinevere

Hosta Lady Isobel Barnett

Hosta Lake Hitchock

Hosta Lakeside Baby Face

Hosta Lakeside Black Satin

Hosta Lakeside Blue Cherub

Hosta Lakeside Coal Miner

Hosta Lakeside Cupcake

Hosta Lakeside Dragonfly

Hosta Lakeside Elfin Fire

Hosta Lakeside Kaleidoscope

Hosta Lakeside Legal Tender

Hosta Lakeside Little Gem

Hosta Lakeside Little Tuft

Hosta Lakeside Looking Glass

Hosta Lakeside Meter Maid

Hosta Lakeside Miss Muffett

Hosta Lakeside Neat Petite

Hosta Lakeside Ninita

Hosta Lakeside Rhapsody

Hosta Lakeside Roy El

Hosta Lakeside Shore Master

Hosta Lakeside Small Fry

Hosta Lakeside Spellbinder

Hosta Lakeside Spruce Goose

Hosta Lakeside Zinger

Hosta Last Dance

Hosta Lederhosen

Hosta Lemon Frost

Hosta Lemon Lime

Hosta Leola Fraim

Hosta Liberty

Hosta Limey Lisa

Hosta Little Aurora

Hosta Little Black Scape

Hosta Little Caesar

Hosta Little Miss Magic

Hosta Little Red Rooster

Hosta Little Sunspot

Hosta Little White Lines

Hosta Little Wonder

Hosta Lollapalooza
Hosta London Fog

Hosta Love Pat

Hosta Lucy Vitols


Hosta Mack The Knife

Hosta Magic Fire

Hosta Majesty

Hosta Mama Mia

Hosta Maraschino Cherry

Hosta Mary Marie Ann

Hosta Masquerade

Hosta May

Hosta Medusa

Hosta Memories of Dorothy

Hosta Midnight Ride

Hosta Midwest Magic

Hosta Mildred Seaver

Hosta minor Goldbrook

Hosta Minuteman

Hosta Moerheim

Hosta montana Aureomarginata

Hosta Moonstruck

Hosta Morning Light

Hosta Mount Everest

Hosta Mount Tom


Hosta Nancy Minks

Hosta Neat & Tidy

Hosta Niagara Falls

Hosta Nicola

Hosta Night before Christmas

Hosta Northern Exposure


Hosta Obsession

Hosta Old Glory

Hosta Olive Bailey Langdon

Hosta Olive Branch

Hosta Olympic Edger

Hosta Olympic Glacier

Hosta Olympic Sunrise

Hosta On Stage

Hosta One Man's Treasure

Hosta Ophir

Hosta opipara Koriyama

Hosta Ops

Hosta Orange Marmalade

Hosta Oriana


Hosta Paradigm

Hosta Paradise Joyce

Hosta Paradise On Fire

Hosta Paradise Sunset

Hosta Pastures Green

Hosta Pathfinder

Hosta Patrician

Hosta Patriot

Hosta Paul Revere

Hosta Paul's Glory

Hosta Peace

Hosta Peanut

Hosta Peppermint Ice

Hosta Percy

Hosta Pete's Dark Satellite

Hosta Phylis Campbell

Hosta Piedmont Gold

Hosta Pilgrim

Hosta Pineapple Upsidedown Cake

Hosta Pinwheel

Hosta Pizzazz

Hosta Platinum Tiara

Hosta Plug Nickel

Hosta Popcorn

Hosta Popo

Hosta Potomac Pride

Hosta Praying Hands

Hosta Pretty Flamingo

Hosta Prince of Wales


Hosta Queen Josephine

Hosta Queen of the Seas


Hosta Radiant Edger

Hosta Radio Waves

Hosta Rain Forest

Hosta Rainforest Sunrise

Hosta Raspberries and Cream

Hosta rectifolia Kinbuchi Tachi

Hosta Red October

Hosta Regal Rhubarb

Hosta Regal Splendor

Hosta Remember Me

Hosta Reverend Mac

Hosta Revolution

Hosta Rich Uncle

Hosta Rickrack

Hosta Rippled Honey

Hosta Risky Business

Hosta Robert Frost

Hosta Robin Hood

Hosta Rock Island Lime

Hosta Rosedale Golden Goose

Hosta Rosedale Knox

Hosta Rosedale Misty Magic

Hosta Rosedale Richie Vallens

Hosta Royal Golden Jubilee

Hosta Royal Standard

Hosta Ryan's Big One


Hosta Sagae

Hosta Samurai

Hosta Sea Gulf Stream

Hosta Sea Thunder

Hosta Sea Yellow Sunrise

Hosta Secret Love

Hosta September Sun

Hosta Shade Fanfare

Hosta Shelleys

Hosta Sherborne Profusion

Hosta Sherborne Songbird

Hosta Sherborne Swan

Hosta Shiny Penny

Hosta Showboat

Hosta Showtime

Hosta sieboldiana Elegans

Hosta Silver Shadow

Hosta Silver Spray

Hosta Sky Dancer

Hosta Sleeping Beauty

Hosta Small Sum

Hosta Snowcap

Hosta Snowden

Hosta So Sweet

Hosta Sparky

Hosta Spilt Milk

Hosta Spring Fling

Hosta St. Elmo's Fire

Hosta St. Paul

Hosta Stained Glass

Hosta Step Sister

Hosta Stiletto

Hosta Stonewall

Hosta Striptease

Hosta Sugar Daddy

Hosta Sultana

Hosta Sum & Substance

Hosta Summer Breeze

Hosta Summer Music

Hosta Summer Serenade

Hosta Sun Kissed

Hosta Sun Power

Hosta Super Nova

Hosta Surf and Turf

Hosta Surprised By Joy

Hosta Sweet Home Chicago

Hosta Sweetie


Hosta Tango

Hosta Teaspoon

Hosta Temptation

Hosta Theo's Blue

Hosta Thumb Nail

Hosta Thumbelina

Hosta Thunderbolt

Hosta Tick Tock

Hosta Tiny Tears

Hosta Titanic

Hosta Tokudama Aureonebulosa

Hosta Tokudama Flavocircinalis

Hosta T-Rex

Hosta tortifrons

Hosta Tortilla Chip

Hosta Tot Tot

Hosta Touch of Class

Hosta Touchstone

Hosta Toy Solider

Hosta True Blue

Hosta Tsugaru Komachi Fukurin

Hosta Twilight

Hosta Twilight Time


Hosta Ultramarine

Hosta Unchained Melody

Hosta Undulata Albomarginata

Hosta Undulata Erromena

Hosta Undulata Mediovariegata

Hosta Unforgettable


Hosta Velvet Moon

Hosta ventricosa Aureo-Marginata

Hosta Venus

Hosta venusta

Hosta Vera Verde

Hosta Veronica Lake

Hosta Victory


Hosta Wagtail

Hosta War Paint

Hosta Warwick Comet

Hosta Warwick Curtsey

Hosta Warwick Delight

Hosta Warwick Edge

Hosta Warwick Sheen

Hosta Whirlwind

Hosta Whiskey Sour

Hosta White Triumphator

Hosta Winfield Gold

Hosta Winsome

Hosta Winter Snow

Hosta Wogon's Boy

Hosta World Cup

Hosta Wylde Green Cream


Hosta Xanadu

Hosta X-Ray

Hosta Yellow River

Hosta Yellow Submarine

Hosta Yin

Hosta Zounds


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